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Having worked for many years in IT I am very familiar with the pitfalls of travelling for your job. When I decided to move in to the travel sector, it seemed a natural progression to combine travel with the business traveller.

My franchise is with Travel-pa, a family owned and run organisation. Created in 1980, is one of the pioneers in luxury travel. Its tour operation side can be a great fit with the business traveller as it forges worldwide links with airlines, hotels and on the ground destination management companies.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. I am driven to focus on the best prices available or the best added value offer for all aspects of the components that make up a business trip. I am able to assist with individual travel, group travel or corporate events.

Overseas group travel and corporate events are on the increase. To ensure everything goes to plan it is of paramount importance that the Travel Company has all the necessary connections.

I pride myself on being available when I am needed, to quote, to fulfil your reservations or to remove your stress by assisting you should you encounter any difficulties.

Of course, my business does not stop there. Covering all aspects of travel from the family package to an Amazon cruise, a weekend in London to an adventure holiday. The requirements of the traveller have seriously evolved over the past 20 years. With life expectancy on the rise we see many more multi-generational family holidays. The thirst for ‘something different’ is never satisfied. The world of luxury travel is probably an area that has seen the most change. The definition of ‘luxury’ meaning something totally different to the individual depending on age and income bracket.

As more and more people feel confident enough book, for example, their own Easyjet flights along with a hotel they have perhaps found through Trip Advisor, the Travel Agent’s role has changed. We all watch the news and hear about earthquakes, hurricanes, strikes, terrorism, airline bankruptcy, forest fires, erupting volcanoes, changes to visa systems and so on. As in any business there will always be challenges. As in any field the expert will have additional knowledge that is not on the radar of the general public.

I have access to prices and availability not accessible outside the trade; current up to the minute Foreign Office Worldwide notifications; I understand the bonding and where your money is and is not covered; I add the personalised human element to looking after your needs, many on-line companies are fine until you need to speak to a human; I have the contacts in resort to assist with any issues not to mention the huge amount of time I can save you by knowing how to access the pertinent information.

Travel is an exhilarating, ever changing fascinating profession. I am delighted to be able to bring my expertise to my clients’ assistance whether it be for a business trip for one person, a corporate event or a family holiday.

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Tailor-made holiday specialist

Tell me about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customise your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

Holiday Protection

As an ABTA member you are fully protected, covered and assured that you can travel with complete peace of mind.

Personal Service

Deal with an individual consultant that truly cares about your holiday.

Sunset Faraway Holidays

We are integrated within the well respected and award winning tour operator Sunset Faraway Holidays, meaning you have full financial protection whilst not compromising on quality.

Remove Stress

It can take time to plan a trip, especially complex itineraries or group travel. Let Reed-Travel step in and make all the planning stress free.

Saving You Time

Reed-Travel do the research, planning, reservations and the on-line check-ins for you, so you can spend your time relaxing and not have to worry about the planning.

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