This collection of 2,000 or so small islands is one of the first names that comes to mind when thinking of a relaxing holiday in the sun and sands of the Caribbean. Most of these islands are really just the visible tops of coral reef formations. Consider Bahamas holidays for amazing time of life. The Bahamas boast a sizeable collection of wildlife which visitors will see on the beach, in the water and in the hinterland.

One of this archipelago’s distinguishing features is the amazing clarity of the waters that surround it with underwater visibility being estimated at a whopping 200 feet. There is plenty to see in this locale apart from its flora and fauna and there are many monuments that speak of its eventful past in Nassau City and other localities. But of course most visitors who make the Bahamas their holiday destination are primarily seeking peaceful repose on its pristine beaches.

Currency: Bahamian dollar

Average Flying Time: 10 – 13 hours

Spoken Language(s): English






If you’re looking for a holiday jam-packed with water sports. Activities like, windsurfing, water skiing, wake-boarding, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding just to name a few.